Dental service
for guests of Kaliningrad

The STOMIK clinic network
invites guests of the Kaliningrad region

Kaliningrad is the pearl of the Baltic region, and now it offers high-quality dental care for foreign citizens, in addition to unique sightseeing routes and beautiful beaches.

Here you will find the best professionals specializing in the installation of crowns and dental implants. We use modern technologies and materials to ensure the safety and comfort of the procedure.

We offer aesthetic dental restoration, veneers installation and whitening procedures. Veneers are thin ceramic plates that are applied to the front of the tooth, giving it an ideal shape and color. Whitening is a very popular procedure that allows you to get a snow-white smile in just a few procedures.

Our doctors offer high-quality admission for children. Experienced and friendly specialists will cope with any problems of children’s teeth and will do everything possible to make your child feel comfortable and safe during treatment.

Why Kaliningrad and the STOMIK clinics?

Kaliningrad has become an attractive destination for medical tourism. This is not only an opportunity to receive high-quality and affordable dental care, but also to discover a beautiful country with its amazing sights and hospitality.

Prices for dental services in STOMIK are much lower than in Western countries. We are famous for our high level of medical care and the reliability of our specialists. You can be sure that your teeth are in good hands.

Don’t miss your chance to fix your smile and spend an unforgettable time in Kaliningrad! We will be glad to see you!

You will have a personal manager,

who will be in touch from the moment of the first call to the clinic until the last visit. He will help you contact the doctors, discuss all your questions before your arrival, select a convenient time and refer you. Forget about the difficulties of planning a trip – we will do it. Trust the professionals and give us the opportunity to take care of you.

How will everything be organized?

You will discuss the main questions and suggestions online

You will be assigned a personal manager who will help you at all stages of planning and will always be in touch with you

You can send the pictures and our doctor can remotely make an approximate treatment plan

We will select a convenient time for your arrival and make an appointment for you to see a doctor

The price of popular services

ServicePrice, RUB
• Consultation with an orthopedist with the preparation and evaluation of a treatment plan1 000 ₽
• Temporary installation of the prosthesis before implantation21 000 ₽
• Permanent prosthetics on 4 to 6 implantsот 220 000 ₽
• Replacement of 1 missing tooth (turnkey implant, abutment, gum shaper, ceramic-metal dental crown)55 000 ₽
Dental crowns for your tooth
• Ceramic metal dental crown for your own tooth13 000 ₽
• Zirconium dental crown for your own tooth24 000 ₽
Dental crown for the implant
• Ceramic metal dental crown on an implant with casting25 000 ₽
• Dental crown on zirconium oxide for an implant (without the cost of an abutment)27 500 ₽
• Abutment for dental crown made of zirconium oxide11 000 ₽
• Wisdom tooth extraction от 8 500 ₽
• Complex tooth extractionот 7500 ₽
• Simple tooth extractionот 5 500 ₽
• Initial consultation with a surgeon1 000 ₽
• Secondary consultation with a surgeon500 ₽

98% пациентов остаются с нами, приводят своих близких и рекомендуют знакомым!

Что о нас пишут

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